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Bird-Safe Home Remodeling Tips

Keep your bird? safety in mind when remodeling your home

Keep your bird? safety in mind when remodeling your home

In the July 2008 issue of Bird Talk magazine, Susan Chamberlain gave house hunting tips and advice on how to look at a new house from a bird owner’s point of view (“Your Bird, Your World”).

If you plan on remodeling a room or have a building project, keep your bird’s safety in mind. Check out these tips for bird-safe home remodeling or building projects.

Bird-Safe Home Tip 1: For new flooring, specify that plywood or particleboard be sealed with paint or enclosed in Formica® or a similar product to reduce risk of formaldehyde fumes.

Bird-Safe Home Tip 2: Use wall-to-wall carpeting only in bedrooms or rooms where birds will not be present.

Bird-Safe Home Tip 3: Choose a formaldehyde-free carpet, or ask that the carpet and pad be unrolled and aired at the store for several days before installation. If this is not possible, have the carpeting installed prior to moving in, and arrange for the house to be aired out for a few days.

Check out “House Hunting” in the July 2008 issue of Bird Talk magazine for more information on finding the best home for you and your birds.

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