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WildBird magazine editor Amy Hooper recently changed her hair color. I told her how much I loved it. She told me she got her inspiration from a bird. The conversation went something like this.

“A bird?” I said.

“Yes, a bird.” She said. “It is a cinnamon teal.”

Of course I immediately thought of the cinnamon mutation on a cockatiel. However, she was the editor of WildBird magazine, which focuses on native North American birds.

“You are not talking about a cockatiel, right?” I asked.

“No, a teal. T-E-A-L. It is a type of duck.”

“You colored your hair after the color of a duck.” I asked. A scarlet macaw I could understand, but a duck?

“Yes, a duck.” She answered matter of factly, like most people went to their hair stylists and said make my hair the color of a duck.

“Alright, I want to see this duck.” I told her.

So she sent me the website. I am including it for all of you, plus the photo of the back of hair. Check it out here.

Now me — my hair is blonde with some dark low lights. So I would have to say it does resemble my pied cockatiel a little bit. But I can guarantee that I will never ask to have my hair colored to look like my normal gray cockatiel. I just couldn’t pull it off as beautifully as he can.

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