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Ground Parrot
Rescued Western Ground Parrots Destined for Breeding Program Die at Perth Zoo The loss of these two birds is a major setback for the endangered species.
ArrowThe Internet Is Going Crazy For #BirdCelebs Steven Hawking.GeeseWitherspoon. MattheyMacaw-naughey. Check out the highlights of this new hashtag craze.
ArrowAudubon Writer IDs Birds Of Star Wars & It’s Awesome Plus, perhaps one of those birds has a little parrot in it?
ArrowTop 10 Most Read & Shared BirdChannel Facebook Articles In 2015 What were you reading and sharing this year? Find out.

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Carry-on Companion: Can your service bird join you on your next flight? With proper documentation, domestic airlines allow emotional support animals – including birds – to accompany owners with disabilities.

Laws, Codes & Ordinances To Consider Before Building Your Aviary Before you start building your aviary, learn the local rules, restrictions and zoning laws you might have in your area.

Long-lived Birds: 7 Easy Dos and Don’ts for Planning for the Future Some species of birds may outlive their owners by decades. Have you made preparations for your bird’s care if something happens to you?

Bird Therapy Birds: “Emotional Support Animal” Or Merely a Pet? Despite changes, therapy birds still have some protections under federal law.
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