Bird Kitchen Safety Rules

Follow these rules toward better kitchen safety for your pet bird

You are your bird’s best defense against household toxins!

  • Do be aware that smoke from burned-on food, grease and other debris inside your oven can be deadly to your birds. 
  • Do not house your birds in the kitchen.
  • Locate birds in an area where fumes and smoke will not drift into their airspace.
  • Do not rely on air filters or purifiers to remove toxic fumes form the air.
  • Use a range hood that vents to outdoors, or use a window fan to blow air out of the kitchen.
  • Open windows for a few minutes, at least once a day, even in chilly weather.
  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Instead of using chemicals or self-cleaning oven cycles, wipe oven surfaces with a solution of white vinegar and water after each use. Use a steel wool pad to rub off stubborn dirt. Some readers report success using a hand-held steam-cleaning machine to clean their ovens.
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