Bird Halloween Dangers

Keep your bird safe during the spookiest night of the year.

Green-cheeked conure on Halloween decorations

1) Birds and Pumpkins
While pumpkin carving is a fun Halloween tradition that the whole family takes part in, birds may want to get in on the fun, too. Pumpkin seeds are great treat for birds, but watch your bird around your finished Jack-O-Lantern. Your bird could climb in and get stuck in the its holes or get burned by the lighting inside.

2) Artificial Spider Web
The artificial spider webs sold in most stores add a dash of spook to any home, but a bird can become entangled in the fine webbing or even possibly ingest it . Keep Halloween decorations far away from your bird? area.

3) Birds and Candy
Chocolate and most sweets are a big no-no for birds. Save the candy for the trick-o-treaters.

4) Scary Costumes
A bird can easily be spooked by a change in your appearance, or the menacing monster knocking at your door. If your bird appears to be frightened by people in costume, allow your bird some relief by keeping it in a dark, quiet room.

5) Overwhelming Noise
Doorbells ringing, trick-o-treaters knocking or spooky music blasting inside the house can leave a bird quite overwhelmed. Keep your bird in low-traffic area until all the activity dies down.


Excerpt from BIRD TALK Magazine, October 2007 issue, with permission from its publisher, I-5 Publishing, Inc.

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