Bird-Friendly Cornmeal Stuffing

Share this recipe with your bird and family this holiday season.

Holiday feasts are just around the corner, are you prepared? BIRD TALK
editors took this holiday favorite and gave it a healthy makeover, making it less fattening and bird-friendly.

Recipe Ingredients
11⁄2 -cups chicken or vegetable broth
11⁄2 -cups water
2⁄3-cup cornmeal
31⁄2-cups plain breadcrumbs
1 egg, beaten
2⁄3-cup chopped celery
1⁄3-cup cranberries
1⁄4-cup plain cracked sunflower seeds
2-teaspoons rosemary

• Bring broth to a boil in a pot
• Add cornmeal to broth, continuously stirring to reduce lumps
• Add breadcrumbs, egg, chopped celery, rosemary, cranberries and sunflower seeds
• Let mixture stand for 5 minutes

How We Made It Bird-Friendly
This recipe is a healthy version you can share with your bird. We made our own breadcrumbs from toasted whole-wheat bread that was cut into bite-sized cubes. We removed the salt from the recipe and added cranberries and sunflower seeds to add flavor. If you prefer a stronger flavor, add in other spices or herbs to your portion.

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