Bird Fashion At The AFA

The birdie bling is strong at the 40th annual American Federation of Aviculture conference. Check it out!

Events like the 40th annual American of Federation of Aviculture are the times to bring out your birdie bling! I took pictures of fashion highlights on Day 1 of the show. Check them out in the slideshow below!

Not all the fashion items here have companies (as they are custom made), or if you could easily find these. BirdChannel readers, I’m leaving it up to you to hunt down some of these clothes. If you find them, paste a link in the comment!

Bird print shirt: Custom-made by Lenora McKinzey

Cockatiel shirt: By Diane’s Essentials

Bird custom bag: no longer produced

Blue-throated macaw shirt: by the World Parrot Trust here.

Macaw necklace: by Bird Jewelry by Dawn here

Macaw shirt and peacock shirt: By Jim’s 

Macaw shirt: By Laura Scott

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