Bird Dance Party

We have two photo studios here at work. The one upstairs is used for filming, and the room is also shared with two people from our digital/pre-press department: Gina and Pamela. Today, the BirdChannel group filmed its promo for an upcoming video contest. Suffice it to say that we needed our talent – a halfmoon conure named Elijah – to dance for us. I’m sure you all know exactly what happened. The outgoing and fun-loving Elijah (he is a conure after all) was excited and talkative, interacting with all the people milling around. His feathering was perfect, he went through a few dance moves, all was right in his birdie world. Then we put on the table and turned on the camera. Nothing. We all started danced around, calling his name. He looked at us, walked around a bit, preened his feathers. Pamela and Gina put on some music, kind of a techno instrumental. We all danced around Elijah again. Sure, Elijah seemed to be entertained but with all the bright lights and attention, he just couldn’t focus on getting his groove on. Then Pamela put on some pop music and turned it up real loud. Elijah and the other birds in the room began to vocalize (big surprise). I wondered what the employees outside of the room were thinking we were doing in there. Finally, we got Elijah to start making some moves. He kept going from one side of the table to the other and then he’d get distracted and start chewing on the tablecloth. I know Gina and Pamela – who are not bird people – were thinking that their job just gets stranger every day. I was thinking that Dancing with The Stars never has to go through this with their talent! I hope you check out the video with Elijah as soon as we get it going. Maybe it will get you and your bird’s groove on, too.

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