Bird Community Pulls Together

Bird community members help bird owners evacuated from Southern California wildfires

As wildfires continue to blaze across Southern California, evacuated bird owners are wondering, “Where can I go that will allow me to bring my bird?”

Most bird owners have a list of emergency contacts that they can turn to in times of crisis, but what if their emergency contacts are being evacuated as well? Turning to animal shelters and rescues could be the next step. 

Up until November 5, many of the VCA animal hospitals have room for pets, some including birds. But with the large number of residents being ordered to evacuate, they are quickly filling up. Also, many Southern Californian residents are now left homeless and are having problems finding a temporary place to board their birds and other pets.

Members of the bird community are pulling together to help those that have been left without a place to go from the wildfires. The Lily Sanctuary, located in Westminster, California, has offered bird owners a safe place to board their birds in the emergency evacuations. “(The Lily Sanctuary) has always put on readiness to assist in these disaster situations and has an emergency rescue number,” said Dan Hill, vice president and managing director of The Lily Sanctuary.

The Oasis Sanctuary, a parrot rescue located in Arizona, is also extending help to those that need a place to board their parrot. Sybil Erden, Oasis Sanctuary executive director said that Oasis Sanctuary volunteers would like to help as many birds as they can by offering bird owners who don’t have a place to go or who are having to temporarily relocate out of state. “We will take in as many birds as we can until people are able to return to their homes,” Erden said.

They are also extending help to organizations and facilities in California that are helping to take in birds. Erden said The Oasis Sanctuary would like to help if there are people who have room to bring in birds, but have never worked with large numbers of birds and need some help. “We would be happy to send someone out to help people get emergency care set up close to home, (California)” Erden said.

Bird owners that are looking for a temporary home for their birds can also contact the editor’s at Send an email to and put “Parrot In Need” in the subject line.

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