Bird Charities At A Glance

Bird enthusiasts have a variety of resources to help them choose a charity to support and the means in which to provide the funding

There are many animal and bird-related charities working to make a positive contribution, whether it be through the advancement of research, education or some other issue close to the organization’s heart. Here are some of those organizations and information on how to contact them:

Alex Foundation

American Bird Conservancy
(888) 247-3624

American Federation of Aviculture Inc.
(816) 421-2473

Avian Health Network Inc.

Bird Endowment

Bird Life International

The Gabriel Foundation
(877) 923-1009

International Conure Association

National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation
(713) 557-2473

Parrots International

(703) 522-5070

Wildlife Trust
(212) 380-4460

World Parrot Trust USA Inc.
(863) 956-4347

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