Bird Behavior — Prevent Phobic Bird Behavior

Remember your birds during chaotic times.

You cannot predict how your bird will behave in a situation, so take steps to help prevent aggressive behavior. Via Vic Brincat/Flickr

It is the holiday season and many of us, including those who do not customarily entertain, will invite family and friends into our homes. Because birds are such beloved family members, consider all the things that the presence of strangers may trigger in them, and take whatever measures are necessary to keep your avian friends feeling safe and happy.

We don’t always know exactly why birds behave in a certain way, but most people don’t understand all the reasons they react to something in a particular manner either; however, this does not negate the reality of the situation. Understanding this and interacting with our birds and other animal friends from the perspective that they are complex, sentient beings, is how many of us have lived with them our entire lives.

It is also becoming the wave of the future. Even respected scientific behavioral researchers, including those who scoffed at this idea in the past, are beginning to acknowledge that animals are far more emotionally and intellectually sophisticated than they were previously given credit for.

I leave you with this holiday thought on pet birds: During the holidays, the expectation is often to drive yourself crazy trying to get stuff for many people you don’t see or talk to frequently or, maybe, not even like that well! Be sure to remember those who are truly important to you, those who fill your heart and spirit and who make going home absolutely wonderful. Honor their precious presence in your life. The gifts of true love and companionship they offer you every single day is valuable beyond measure. Treat them like the wonderful miracles they are, and just love them in the way they deserve — regardless of species.

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