Heroic Biker Stops Traffic To Save Kitten

A woman on a motorcycle leapt off her bike in the middle of an intersection to save a kitten. Hero. No, SUPERhero.

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The woman's GoPro captured it all.

GoPro cameras have captured many memorable moments, and this one in particular is sure to give you the chills.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user E511, a woman wearing a GoPro while riding her motorcycle sees a kitten in the middle of a busy intersection.

At first she tries to catch the attention of oncoming drivers — many of which come dangerously close to hitting the poor kitten — by raising her hand, but nobody else seems to notice.

The other drivers just don't see it. Via YouTube

The other drivers just don’t see it. Via E511 /YouTube

Then she pulls her bike into the middle of the intersection, halting all vehicles around her, so she could get the kitten out of harm’s way.

Can you say, bad-ass?Via YouTube

Can you say, badass? Via E511/YouTube

Once the kitten is out of the road, the biker hands her over to a concerned onlooker so she can  run back and get her bike out of the road.

When she returns to the kitten’s aid, she’s so worried about the kitten’s mental and physical state that she doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that she jumped off of her bike in the middle of traffic in order to save her.

Can we all give this woman a round of applause, please? Because she’s just amazing.

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