Good Guy Biker Rescues Dog Being Abused On The Side Of The Road

Brandon Turnbow has since adopted the dog, making him his permanent co-pilot.

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Brandon Turnbow, with his new co-pilot, Mr. Davidson. Via Brandon Turnbow/Facebook

If everyone could take a second, turn their desk chairs toward Burleson, Texas, and say “thank you,” that would be great, because Brandon Turnbow deserves it.

On Valentine’s Day, he was heading to meet his dad so the two of them could spend the morning riding their motorcycles, when he saw a man on the side of the road wildly throwing punches at something inside his SUV — and that something turned out to be a small white dog.

“I thought, ‘oh no here’s a fight,’ so I’m starting to gear down and I see the opposite side passenger door flies open and the man knocks this little white dog up into the air and onto his back in the ditch,” he wrote on Facebook. “I was in shock at that point seeing this little harmless dog on his back in convulsions from the blow.”

Turnbow found a place where he could turn his motorcycle around and immediately raced back to the spot where the man and his truck had been parked to see if he could find the dog.

“I jump off my bike and just kneel down beside him and start talking to him,” he wrote. “He slowly steps closer, shaking like crazy, and his breathing was very heavy. I take a chance and just fold my body over him to see if he will bite or trust me.”

The dog did trust him, enough that Turnbow was able to wrap the little guy in his jacket and tuck him in securely on the back of his bike. The two of them eventually met Turnbow’s dad and then turned around and started the 45-mile ride back to Turnbow’s house.

“We come to a stop at a 4 way red light and I look back and he is sitting there like he has rode all his life so I thought to myself this is kinda cool,” he wrote.

Well looks like my Co pilot has found peace. His belly is full and he found the pillow.

Posted by Brandon Turnbow on Sunday, 14 February 2016

Turnbow decided to adopt the dog and has named him Mr. Davidson (he already has a dog named Harley so… you get it). He believes that Mr. Davidson is about 10 years old, but he knows that the dog is going to be happy and well-loved.

Thanks, Brandon. You and Mr. D stay safe on the roads.

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