Biker Rescues Kitten During Cross-Country Road Trip

After finding each other under unlikely circumstances, a kitten and a biker are the perfect road trip companions.

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An odd couple? Sure. But oh-so adorable. Via Spurgeon Dunbar/Revzilla
Chrissa Hardy

Here’s something that’ll restore your faith in humanity: While on a cross-country road trip, a biker discovered a kitten in desperate need of care on the side of the road, and instead of looking the other way, he rescued the little fuzzball, tucking him right up under his leather biker vest.

The biker, Pat Doody, was on his way back home to New Jersey from California when he made a pitstop in Nevada, according to RevZilla. That’s when he found the kitten, who was badly burned and in need of help. Doody scooped him up and off they went together.

Sometimes the most heroic acts are the simplest. Via Spurgeon Dunbar/Revzilla

Sometimes the most heroic acts are the simplest. Via Spurgeon Dunbar/RevZilla

“He’s so chill,” Doody told RevZilla. “He just hangs out in my vest when we get on the road. I’ve never met a cat so calm.”

The kitten, who has since been named Party Cat, is now eating tuna from dry foil packets and most of his burns have healed. Sounds like these two found love in a surprising place, and didn’t know how much they needed each other until they met.

Cue all the awws.

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