Biggest Hedgehog You’ve Ever Seen Is Meeting His Fitness Goals

A hedgehog so overweight he couldn’t curl into a ball is getting back into shape with diet and “Eye Of The Tiger.”

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Jabba has a few more weigh-ins before getting to Lifetime Member status. Via Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue/Facebook
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Jabba the hedgehog’s fitness goals include being able to curl up into a ball for self-defense and, maybe, looking good for the lady hedgehogs.

The hedgehog was surrendered to Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre in England last month, tipping the scales at more than 4 pounds, almost three times the weight of an average wild hedgehog, CBS Denver reports.  He was so overweight he got kind of stuck on himself while curling up into a ball, a move all hedgehogs must master to fend off predators.

Jabba the hedgehogJabba the hedgehog is so overweight he can’t curl himself into a ball. So now, he’s on a diet. AWWW. #9Today Posted by TODAY on Monday, February 29, 2016

Staff at the rescue center fell for the hedgehog and (affectionately?) nicknamed him things like Hogzilla, the Big One and Mr. Piggywinkle, until animal care worker Darren Squires found the moniker that stuck: Jabba.

Keep up those reps. Via Today/Facebook

Keep up those reps. Via Today/Facebook

His previous owner — who’d only had him since November — had overfed him to the point where now a bunch of strangers are calling him names. (Not cool, guys.) If the best revenge is doing well, Jabba is about to revenge all over everybody. His strict diet of liquified dog food, and daily exercise routine of walking allll the way across his cage to eat, has helped him lose 0.4 pounds.

Lookin' good Via

Lookin’ good Via Today/Facebook

And that rolling-into-a-ball move? He’s nailing it once again. You keep doing you, Jabba.

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