Big Dog Gives Small Dog Piggyback Rides Everywhere They Go

Blizzard the Saint Bernard lets Japanese Chin Lulu ride around on his back because that's what friends do.

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If not for giving piggyback rides, what else are friends for?Via blizzardandlulu/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

Friends help each other out. And when you can’t go on anymore, they carry you. Sometimes literally. Like these dog friends.

Blizzard is a big Saint Bernard. Lulu is a small Japanese Chin. And when Lulu doesn’t want to walk anymore, Blizzard lets her ride along on his back.

This is how I feel leaving church sometimes. LOL!! #church #chapel

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By the looks of their Instagram account, @blizzardandlulu, Lulu doesn’t like walking very much, preferring to be carried by Blizzard.

Waiting for the sunset!

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But Blizzard doesn’t seem to care very much. After all, that’s what friends are for.

Craft island

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Owner David Mazzarella told Metro UK that Lulu joined the family when she was a puppy, and Blizzard became her protective big brother. At first she simply followed him around. Eventually she just hopped on top of Blizzard’s back and let him give her piggyback rides her everywhere.

I want some candy blizzard! #candy

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Happy trails, friends.

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