Big Cats Get Treats This Halloween, Not Tricks

Cause an Uproar with National Geographic's Big Cat Initiative offers fun activities for kids that help lions, tigers and more wild cats.

Halloween cats this year are setting good examples. Nat Geo WILD and National Geographic Kids are back with their campaign Cause An Uproar, which encourages kids to support National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative (BCI) while celebrating the fall holiday.

Kids can help by collecting change along with their candy to help save big cats from extinction through BCI, a long-term effort to halt the decline of big cats in the wild. With a canister wrap, downloadable here, children can make collection boxes, or participate as a school or classroom through the Big Cats School Challenge.

Cat O’Lantern patterns are also back, offering lion and tiger profiles for pumpkin carving, as well as creative Halloween costume ideas for all budgets. “Cool Costumes” include snow leopard, jaguar, cheetah and lion and are available at the Cause an Uproar site.

Illegal hunting, habitat loss and retaliatory killings cause lions, tigers and other cats to vanish at an alarming rate along with their defining roar. As keystone predators, the fate of big cats is critical to the survival of their prey as well as surrounding ecosystems.

Money collected will fund research, education and real-world solutions to help reverse the rapid disappearance of big cat populations. Current projects include assessment, livestock protection, partnerships with local communities and conservation education.

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