Big Cat Refuge Looking for New Home

Neighbor complaints lead to search for new location.

Big Dads Big Cat Refuge and Educational Center in the Rock Springs, Wis., area is looking for a new home.

During a Wednesday, June 14 meeting between the public and members of the Sauk County Public Health Board, an attorney for big cat rescuer Jeff Kozlowski said the refuge is working to move its lions, tigers and leopards.

The impetus for the move is neighbors in the refuges current rural area, who say the cats  annoy and frighten them. They’ve also complained about excessive traffic, the noise and smell of the cats and questions about safety.

The refuge is considering  moving to somewhere in the Lake Delton/Wisconsin Dells area.

The board agreed on a month-long  delay  as to whether Kozlowski should have a permit for his cat refuge at the meeting, so that he and his attorney could provide a timeline for moving them.

Kozlowskis attorney, Jeff Scott Olson, told the audience that Kozlowskis working to move his animals and they could have a schedule for the move at the board’s next meeting on July 12.

Posted: June 16, 2006, 5:00 a.m. EST

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