Big Baby Of A Dog Just Won’t Quit The Pacifier

You try and tell this Boxer it’s time to give up the binky.

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Pinch those cheeks — lose a finger. Via Buseells479/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

Pets are family, and you might consider your dog your baby — for some, a gigantic, ridiculously strong baby with a death-grip of a jaw. And when it comes time for baby to kick the pacifier habit you’ll have a real uphill battle on your hands.

That’s the case for a Boxer in a new video on Rumble by Buseells479. Moose is all Tootsie-roll-brown eyes and chubby cheeks and the paci looks like it fits his face. When the person off camera tries to remove it, however, Moose doesn’t relent.

“Moose is a sweet Boxer that still thinks he’s a baby, and that’s fine with us!” the text below the video reads. “He refuses to let go of his pacifier when his owner attempts to pull it out of his mouth. His facial expression is hilarious!”

"Meet our guard dog, Moose." Via  buseells479/Rumble

“Meet our guard dog, Moose.” Via buseells479/Rumble

We know the pacifier is hard to quit. Usually, kids who still hold on to the habit by the time they’re in school give it up when playground teasing starts. But we have a feeling Moose the massive dog won’t be teased on the obedience school yard.

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