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This Bichon Frise Is Just A Ball Of Fluff

Tori the Bichon is the cutest fluff ball we’ve seen yet.

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She's so floofy! Via bichon_tori/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Many descriptors come to mind when you see Tori, the Bichon Frise from Daegu, South Korea. One look at her and you might think “powder puff” or “cotton ball” or maybe even “marshmallow.” We, however, like “ball of fluff” when it comes to describing Tori.

This ball of fluff is cute and wears her fluffiness like no other. You can see Tori and all her fluff ball styles on Instagram, but here are a few of our favorites.

1. The Wiggly Fluff Ball

“Wiggle, wiggle, yeah.”

2. The Intellectual Fluff Ball

“Have you seen my copy of ‘Old Yeller’?”

3. The Girl About Town Fluff Ball

Always dress up when seeing the sights.

4. The Sleepy Fluff Ball

“Does anyone else fancy a nap?”

5. The TV-Watching Fluff Ball

“Shh, my favorite show is on.”

6. The Ballerina Fluff Ball

“Has anyone seen my pointe shoes?”

7. The Hungry Fluff Ball

She might want seconds.

8. The Fluff Ball With A Face

Seriously. All fluff.

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