BFF Puppy And Hedgehog Do Everything Together

Animal Planet just released a music video that celebrates the friendship of a puppy and hedgehog who do everything together, even swimming.

hedgehog and puppy look at each other
Via Animal Planet/YouTube 
Hazel and Havanese puppy and Prickle the hedgehog share a home.

In a music video that might possibly become an addiction, Animal Planet shows scenes from the lives of a hedgehog and puppy who live together. The video is cute enough, but the kicker is the personalized song that details their friendship.

The opening lyrics set the stage as we see shots of the two cuties.

“Once there was a puppy had him a best friend,
That friend was a hedgehog.
They’d do everything together,
The spiky little guy and the tiny little dog.”

And what seems to be a common activity for both is sitting in a sink with water running on them. Water must be a fascination for them. But with summer comes a new activity — swimming!

The puppy at first watches as the hedgehog swims around an inflated kid’s pool. Then the puppy decides she can’t miss out on the fun. She jumps in. The hedgehog makes a beeline for her. Frankly, it looks like the hedgehog might be seeking out a resting spot. The puppy is happy to oblige and stands still while the hedgehog makes a few attempts to climb onto her. The hedgehog finally climbs Mt. Puppy and the video ends. 

Now that’s true friendship, being an island for a short-legged friend who needs a swim break. Don’t worry, Hedgie, Puppy has your back!

This hedgehog species originated in Africa, so swimming probably isn’t something her ancestors got to do a lot, but hedgehogs do a back float amazing well. You get a brief glimpse of this in the sink scenes. This swim was brief and completely supervised, which are wise precautions for any activity outside the safety of a cage or habitat for a pocket pet like a hedgehog.

In a video uploaded in October 2014 (see below), you can see the swim scene without the song. It tells us that the puppy is an 8-week-old Havanese named Hazel and the hedgehog is named Prickle. 

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