Betta Keeper’s Craigslist Rant Goes Viral

Fishkeeper purchases ugliest betta at Petsmart and takes company to task

The Betta fish or Betta splendens. Via Daniella Vereeken/Flickr

I have been to a few Petsmarts in my years of fish keeping. I even use Top Fin 60 Filters in two of my tanks. Why? Because they are solid filters that are made in Italy. I’ve been running them for more than 10 years. The local Petsmart in my city is clean and the fish area is well kept. I have though been to a few that could do a little better in the upkeep department.

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This betta was “rescued” by a fishkeeper who loves bettas.

Now this betta (Betta splendens) lover from Cincinatti took Petsmart to task on Craigslist, not only because of how the fish lover says an associate supposedly described a betta that the person decided to purchase (The one in the store the longest, that the associate said everyone thought was ugly), but how absolutely filthy the bowl was in which the betta was living.


This betta was “rescued” by a fish keeper who loves bettas.

Turns out that the person who posted a Petsmart rant on the Cinncinnati Craigslist is a serious betta lover, lost a previous betta to a bladder infection, and is making it his or her intention to nurse a new betta back to health. This betta keeper loves bettas!


Text from the Rant

Okay. You caught me. I’m absolutely livid right now. I went into a local Petsmart to pick out a betta fish and asked the person there, “hey which one has been here the longest?”. Associate didn’t even have to guess or think about this shit. I was handed a very dull-yellow colored betta. “Here. He’s been here for a long time because everyone thinks he’s ugly.” My heart fucking broke, Petsmart. It fucking broke. I took this fish up to the counter with water so dirty you could barely even see the fucking fish. The associate at the counter was like, “wow that’s one ugly fish”. What. What if I told you that your face was uglier than my betta? Don’t say that shit, man. I bought this little turd monger the same day my beautiful betta passed away. I couldn’t bear to be alone in my room again. That other fish came from another local pet store and he was badass as fuck. Fucking fish always wanted to fight my finger man. He passed away still fierce as fuck. Goddamn bladder infection took him too soon man, too soon. Now back to this new fish, man. I bought him and noticed he had a little bit of a black fin. Shit. I looked it up and my little turd monger has fin rot because Petsmart doesn’t take care of their fucking fish. I don’t know how long he’ll last but he has started making bubble nests in this gigantic 10 gallon tank, man. He’s happy as fuck. Now, I love this turd monger, don’t get me wrong. What makes me so damn mad is that he had fin rot because they don’t take care of their fish. Before you come at me like, “Bruh is he on antibiotics” the answer is yes. I’m not taking this fish back to Petsmart so he can rot more. Damn son. Even if he only lives for another week I can say he died in better conditions. Now this new fish is badass as fuck and lemme tell you why: 1. Fearless. THIS FUCKING FISH ALLOWS YOU TO PET HIM. 2. He looks like a goddamn sunflower man. Everyone says he’s ugly but he’s A GODDAMN SUN IN THIS TEN GALLON TANK. BRUH. 3. If I stick a tinier container into the 10 gallon tank, HE JUST SWIMS INTO IT. I carried this fish downstairs. He’s fearless. He seemed super excited to go downstairs. Seems like a dog trapped inside a fish’s body. Ayeeee Petsmart employees: please never insult someone’s pet. What if I had been a kid? That would have been so shitty.

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