Beth Ostrosky Saves Bulldog From Drowning

Howard Stern’s new wife rescues their dog Bianca after she falls into a pool.

Beth Ostrosky proved her love for new husband Howard Stern’s English Bulldog Bianca when she jumped into a swimming pool to save the dog from drowning.

Ostrosky recounted the incident during a recent appearance on “The Rachael Ray Show.”
“I had a luncheon to go to and was decked out – I had my Manolos on, a cute hat, and a little sundress,” Ostrosky said. “Howard’s outside with the dog and the dog flips backward into the deep end of the pool and goes straight down like a piece of lawn furniture.”

Ostrosky – who is a longtime animal advocate and spokesperson for the nonprofit animal welfare organization North Shore Animal League – jumped in to save the pooch.

“I looked at Howard – he was all sweaty – and he leaned over to untie his sneaker [instead of] jumping in the pool,” said Ostrosky, who married Stern Oct. 3. “So who jumped in in her Manolos and saved the dog?” she says. “It was like a Superman moment!”

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