Best Friends

Create harmony in your multi-dog home.

After they lost the elder of their two Golden Retrievers in 2000, Melissa and Bob Duffy of Arizona embarked on a search to find Seamus, then 5, a puppy buddy. Unable to locate one, they arranged a meeting with Riley, an energetic 11½-year-old male Golden instead. But during their first encounter, the older dog seemed less than enthusiastic about this rowdy “teen” buddy.

“Riley was chasing Seamus and wanting to play, and Seamus looked at him like ‘Whatever,'” recalls Melissa Duffy.

Back home, however, the dogs swiftly became best friends, with Seamus acting like a playful adolescent again. “They’re always together,” Duffy says of the happy pair, now 11 and 8. “They lie on top of each other and cuddle. They roll around on the floor together and play chase in the backyard. Even though Riley was older when we introduced them, of all our Golden pairs these two get along the best.”

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