‘Best Friends’ Portfolio of Dogs and Their Owners Published

A portion of sales proceeds benefits the Animal Rescue Fund.

“Best Friends,” a limited-edition portfolio of 14 photographs of dogs and their owners by the Italian photographer Priscilla Rattazzi, has just been published.

Shot over nearly three decades, the photographs in the portfolio were largely selected from Rattazzi’s book of portraits of well-known dog owners with their pets, also titled “Best Friends.”

Rattazzi’s photo subjects include Glenn Close, Gianni Agnelli and Isaac Mizrahi, and their dogs, Gaby, Dyed Eyes and Harry, respectively. The portrait of Mizrahi and Harry included in the new portfolio was originally shot for The Tribeca Film Festival’s ongoing Faces of Film series.

Rattazzi, a passionate dog lover who owns a Golden Retriever and a miniature Dachshund, said she believes that dogs bring much-needed comic relief to our daily lives: “My dogs are hilarious. They make me laugh and they keep me thin,” she said.
A portion of the proceeds from sales of the portfolios benefits the Animal Rescue Fund.

The portfolio is available exclusively through the Staley-Wise gallery: http://www.staleywise.com/collection/rattazzi/rattazzi_special.html. The Best Friends collection and other works by Priscilla Rattazzi can be viewed on her website: www.priscillarattazzi.com

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