Best Cat Products of the Year Picked by Cat Fancy

See which carriers, cat trees, pet bowls and more that CAT FANCY editors chose as best of the year.

CAT FANCY editors put new cat products to the test and picked their favorites to share with readers. Get the details on the top new cat products here in the 2013 installation of CAT FANCY’s Editor’s Choice!

Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed (55) $24.99. Petmate; 877-738-6283; 
“My cat loves napping in this soft, crinkly bed. I like that it’s self-heating using my cat’s body heat as opposed to using electricity.”   

BambúBowls for Cats (17) $4.99 each. Loving Pets Corp.; 866-599-7387; 
“I like bamboo — it’s sturdy and ecologically responsible. But I especially love that the heart shape of these bowls is wide enough for my cat’s sensitive whiskers.”   

Contemporary Eco-Friendly Cat Furniture (46) $189. Petpals Group, Inc.; 626-968-1516; 
“This tree has lots of places to climb, relax and play, and plenty of scratching surfaces for my cats to dig their claws into. And it looks nice in my home, too.”  

Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain (65) $99.95. PetSafe; 866-738-4379; 
“My cat loves drinking fresh, running water. This is a creative and fun way to make sure he gets plenty to drink.”   

Hangin’ Cat Condo (50) $149.99 (small); $199.99 (large). K&H Manufacturing, LLC; 719-591-6950; 
“My cats loved this! It was really easy to set up and, once they gave it a good sniffing, they all jumped right in and claimed their own spots.” //Image: Courtesy of K&H Manufacturing, LLC

KIT-TY Tree (64)  $449. Pet Tree Houses, LLC; 877-971-8733; 
“This tree lets my cat enjoy the great outdoors while safely inside. It’s really easy to assemble, and it looks great in my home.”   

Litter Box Deodorizing Concentrate (24) $4.99 to $14.99 (depending on size). Nature’s Best Solution; 949-643-9540;   
“I have four cats in a small house. After I started using this, I noticed an immediate reduction in odor and moisture. I’m not going through nearly as much litter and I like the fact that it’s environmentally friendly and nontoxic.   

Neat ‘n Tidy Litter Sifting Liners (41) $8.95. Imperial Cat; 800-783-0977;   
“No more bending over and scooping the litterbox for me! These are easy to use and they really work. The plastic is strong enough to hold the weight of the litter without tearing, and it doesn’t leave any of the dirty litter behind.”   (Image: Courtesy of K&H Manufacturing, LLC)

Little Germs Organics Odor Remover Products and Little Germs Organics Stay Clean Travel Kit (40, 41) $9.99 (odor remover); $19.99 (travel kit). Sleepypod; 213-341-1088;  
“I’m always looking for cleaning products that are safe for both my cats and my kids. I feel comfortable using these around them, and I like the soothing, aromatic scents.” 

Reversible Feeder & Waterer for Cats (21) $9.99 each.
Lixit Animal Care Products; 800-358-8254;   
“These can be used for both food and water depending on which base you use. I love the whimsical design.”   

Snuggle Bed (11) $55 (small); $75 (medium). P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You, Inc.; 855-300-7529; 
“My cat loves this soft and luxurious bed. It can be molded into four different shapes, so he’s never bored with it. They should make one for humans, too!”     

Spin and Scratch (31) $4.99. Petstages; 847-504-4010; 
“My cat loves batting these around the house. They really seem to satisfy his hunting instincts.”    

SturdiPet Walking Vest (51) $16.95 to $19.95. Sturdi Products, Inc.; 800-779-8193; /redirect.aspx? 
“My cat doesn’t like being in a harness, but she seems much more comfortable’ in this. And it’s very handy for air travel.”   

SuperCat Line (36) $3.99 to $8.99. Quaker Pet Group; 973-625-5900; 
“These are really fun. My cat went nuts for the scratch-n-sniff stickers. We use the markers to add more appeal to her older toys.”   

Turbo Grooming Arch (42) $8.99 (arch only). Bergan; 866-217-9607;  
“My cat has always loved ball-and-tract toys. The grooming arch is an added bonus. She loves rubbing against it while she’s playing.”   

WETNOZ Arc Bowls (53) $15 (small single diner); $20 (large single diner); $30 (small double diner); $40 (large double diner). Petmate; 877-738-6283; 
“These are not your average food bowls. The no-slip feeders are slightly elevated, and they keep my cat’s feeding area looking neat and chic.”   

WETNOZ Pet Carrier (54) $150. Petmate; 877-738-6283; 
“This carrier is really roomy and can double as an uncovered cat bed. The size makes it easy to let my cat hang out in to help her acclimate to it. No cat enjoys going to the vet, but this carrier makes the trip a little comfortable.”    

ZIPNIP (19) $5.New Angle Pet Products; 
“This toy is infused with catnip, so it always emits that irresistible aroma. My cats love the unpredictable way the ball rolls around when they bat at it.”

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