Best Black Friday Sale Ever Leaves Animal Shelter Completely Empty

An Indiana animal shelter adopted out all of its dogs and cats after dropping its adoption fee to $10 on Black Friday.

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"This is what it looks like when all dogs have a home," shelter staff wrote on Facebook. Via Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control/Facebook

It seems like almost every possible retailer had a Black Friday sale last week, because they all know that a 70 percent discount on a new TV is the only reason that any of us would turn our existing TVs off and leave the house. One Indiana animal shelter got in on the seasonal sales, cutting the price of a pet adoption to $10, and — thanks to those who love both animals and bargains — every single animal was adopted that day.

“It brought out people in droves,” Jodi Hamilton of Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control in Fort Wayne, Indiana, told News Channel 15. “Hundreds of people came by that day and we adopted all of our available pets that day.”

By the end of the day, 30 dogs and cats had been adopted. Hamilton said that it was the first time in her eight year career that the shelter had zero animals left to adopt.

“There never seems to be a shortage of pets that are in need of homes,” Hamilton told the news station. “So although today we’re celebrating, by tomorrow, we’ll probably have full kennels again and be asking adopters for help.”

Lucky, one of the 30 dogs who found a home on Black Friday. Via Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control/Facebook

Lucky was one of the 30 dogs who found a home on Black Friday. Via Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control/Facebook

When the shelter again has pets that are available for adoption (and Hamilton said that some dogs were being temperament tested to see if they could be adoptable), the shelter has a name-your-price policy for cats, while the fees for dogs range from $100 for puppies to $25 for dogs that are more than 5 years old.

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