Being A Busy Bee For Ferrets

It's a busy time at Ferrets Magazine during a busy season, but this issue is packed with fun things!

Welcome to the month of too much to do! If you’re traveling or having visitors over for Thanksgiving (only 27 days away!), you know the feeling of wanting days to be more than 24 hours long. I’m packing a suitcase, but not for a Thanksgiving visit. I’m off to the International Ferret Symposium November 7 to 9 in Pittsburgh. I’m really looking forward to hearing all the speakers and to visiting with my ferret friends at this event. And I sure hope to see some of you there!

With so many festivities heading at us, this month at the magazine we’re bringing you a few more fun articles, like Alexandra Sargent-Colburn’s quiz on ferret intelligence coming November 10; instructions for creating a marvelous ferret-themed Christmas tree from Deva Kolb on November 17; and a gift guide for ferret-related items on November 24. However, we start the month on a bit of a more serious topic — namely, what treats are suitable for ferrets.

Our columnists also check in for the month. Bob Church has a wonderful discussion on ferret aging while Troy Lynn Eckart introduces us to Jerri Carel and the Ferret Haven Ferret Rescue And Sanctuary. The questions and answers from Dr. Karen Rosenthal and Ailigh Vanderbush are as fascinating as ever, so be sure you don’t miss those! 

New! New! New! Have you added a video of your ferret to the Critter Videos section of our site yet? It’s easy and fun. Check it out!>> Also, if you’re a member of Club Critter, you have to check out the free Halloween accessories in the avatar shop. I got my pumpkin, ghost and bat as quick as I could! Just sign in to Club Critter and go to the avatar shop.

I hope you and all your family (furry friends included) all enjoy a wonderful November and joyous Thanksgiving. See you next month!

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