Behind The Why In Ferret Behavior

From sleeping and scratching to biting and yawning, discover why ferrets do what they do.

The most unusual ferret behavior explainedIt’s a cat! It’s a dog! No, it’s undeniably a ferret! It’s true ferrets act and move a bit like cats, and in a blink of an eye the ferret’s doglike behavior can come out. Cunning like a fox and more curious than a backyard raccoon, ferrets share behavior traits with a wide array of animals, which, when sprinkled with a few endearing quirks and packaged into a couple of slinky pounds or so, equal our lovable ferret.  

Eating & Sleeping
Many people mistakenly believe that ferrets live only to eat, sleep and poop. I will cover the first two topics in this section. Neither topic is as clean-cut as you might believe. In fact, the topic of feeding can be quite controversial and will only be covered briefly. This is a very simplistic overview of a very complex subject.

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