Behind The Scenes At Camp Birdie

Today we took Camp Birdie from the virtual world to the real world. Well, sort of. We filmed our “Ask A Camp Birdie Counselor” segment (where we answered some camper e-mails). Of course, we didn’t have time or resources to drive up to the mountains or even the local KOA campground, so we created our own camp ground in Melissa Kauffman’s backyard. Melissa, in addition to writing our “Life in the Bird House” blog and our editorial director, is also our go-to-person for filming in a home setting, such as some of our “Cooking with Bird Talk” segments and “Taming of The ’Tiel.”

It was a trial-and-error shoot, but fun to do. First, we had to create the camp scene in Mel’s suburban backyard. Fortunately, we didn’t have to contend with putting up the tent (thanks Scott, Mel’s hubby for doing that the night before). We did have to literally extinguish the camp fire because, at 3 o’ clock in the afternoon, it was too darn hot to try for this authentic affect.

We flubbed the first take but came away with lots of outtake material! Stay tuned for the final video, which is set to go up on Camp Birdie the last week in August.

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