Behind Guinea Pig Noises

Find out what the sounds your guinea pig makes mean.

Guinea pigs make noises to communicate their feelings to other animals and humans.  Here are some of the sounds a guinea pig might make:

Cooing: Guinea pigs sometimes coo to their babies or to each other. This sound is a sign of affection. Some guinea pigs also use this sound for their favorite humans.
Gurgling: A sound like gurging is used by some guinea pigs to express happiness and contentment. Guinea pigs use this with each other and with favorite humans.
Squealing: This high-pitched sound is loud and is meant as a warning signal that danger is approaching. It’s also a sound of pain. On occasion, guinea pigs will use it to get attention too.

Teeth Clacking: When a guinea pig chatters its teeth, the animal is warning another animal to stay away. If the warning is not heeded, the guinea pig may follow with a bite.

No sound? If your guinea pig is being quiet, it’s probably sleepy, relaxed or just has nothing to say at the moment.


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