Beagle Puppy Absolutely Refuses To Let Go Of Car Window

Despite the fact the car window continues to rise, this Beagle puppy refuses to take its paws off the edge.

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"I'll never let go, window. I'll never let go."

Never give up — no matter how ridiculous the goal. That seemed to be the philosophy of a Beagle puppy, who refused to let go of a car window as it was rolled up.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Animals, the Beagle pup seems to notice something’s amiss as the window starts to roll up, but doesn’t seem deterred in the slightest from hanging on until the window is completely closed.

"Something's happening."Via YouTube

“Something’s happening.” Via YouTube

It’s not the silliest puppy video ever, or even the most outrageous. But the determination this puppy exhibits to hold onto the window is surprisingly impressive.

"Am I getting taller?" Via YouTube

“Am I getting taller?” Via YouTube

The pup’s paws grip the window’s edge until the window is almost completely closed. Only then does the Beagle decide, “I mean, yeah. Maybe it’s time to let go.”

"I'm here. I'm part of this now." Via YouTube

“I’m here. I’m part of this now.” Via YouTube

Way to be, puppy!

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