Beagle Overview

Is a Beagle right for you?

1. A Beagle person has a zest for life to match his little dog’s enthusiasm. He is a patient and kind individual who has the time to train his Beagle, share daily activities and provide a safe, happy home. Beagle folk also own a good vacuum cleaner.

2. Somewhat stubborn and always independent, Beagles can be a challenge to train, as they require consistency and structure. Some Beagles can be barky and become bored easily.

3. The Beagle person enjoys exercise and is willing to give his dog more than a short walk around the block.

4. Beagles offer many rewards to their dedicated owners. They are happy to be in your company and can make any ho-hum day lots of fun.

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Reprinted from Breeder’s Best: Beagle © 2005. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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