Bathing Cats: Should You Do It? And How?

People often ask: Should I bathe my cat? How do I bathe my cat? We answer.

Most cats have a pretty good handle on personal grooming, which means many owners will never have to worry about bathing their cats. That doesn’t mean your cat wouldn’t appreciate a little extra help though. Daily brushing is not only a good bonding experience but also a proactive measure to reduce the amount of hairball-producing fur your cat ingests. Running a baby wipe, specially formulated pet wipe or damp towel along your cat’s coat on occasion can add extra shine and cut down on dander.

Sometimes bathing does become a necessity. Attention to grooming can wane with age and a cat or two has been known to get up to no good and end up so dirty they can’t tackle the job themselves. If that happens, head to the pet-supply store and follow some simple steps to bathing cats:

  • First consider a dry shampoo; cats have a reputation for disliking water. To use, brush your cat to remove surface grime, rub in the dry shampoo, then brush again.
  • If a deeper cleaning is necessary, go for a full wash.
    • Stand your cat in a dry sink or tub,
    • Carefully pour lukewarm water over your cat’s coat or use a gentle spray nozzle
    • Apply a cat-specific shampoo per the instructions
    • Rinse until the water runs clear off your cat with no residue
    • Gently towel dry as much as your cat will allow
    • Reward with a favorite treat.
  • If cleaning your cat results in disaster, give your vet a call. He or she could prescribe a calming drug or recommend a professional groomer who can handle this dirty job for you.

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