Bathing a Samoyed Dog

Follow these steps to properly bathe a natural and heavy-coated dog breed like the Samoyed dog.

The Samoyed dog is a natural dog breed that requires a bath just a few times per year. Consistent brushing and a face flannel will keep the Samoyed’s coat surprisingly clean, but there are occasions where a full bath will be necessary. To bathe your Samoyed dog, you will need:

• A rubber mat to place at the bottom of the bath to avoid slipping. Most dogs are more afraid of the slippery surface of the bath than they are of the water on their coats.
• Two small pieces of cotton to place inside each of your Samoyed’s ears. This will prevent water from running down into the dog’s ear canals.
• A rubber spray hose to saturate the Samoyed’s dense coat thoroughly and remove all shampoo residue.
• High quality dog shampoo

Bathing your Samoyed at shedding time is highly recommended, as it helps remove the old coat. Otherwise, follow this coat-care procedure a few times during the year:

1. Start behind your Samoyed’s ears and work back. Use a wash cloth to soap and rinse around the dog’s head and face.

2. Once you have shampooed your Samoyed, rinse the coat thoroughly and when you feel quite certain all shampoo residue has been removed, rinse once more. Shampoo residue in your dog’s coat is sure to dry the hair and could cause skin irritation, to which the Samoyed is already inclined.

3. As soon as you have completed your Samoyed dog’s bath, use heavy towels to remove as much of the excess water as possible. Your Samoyed will assist you in the process by shaking a great deal of the water out of his coat on his own (stand back or you will be showered!).

4. Brush-drying the dog’s coat with the assistance of a hair dryer (human or special canine type) will reduce drying time significantly and will give your Samoyed’s coat a stand-off bloom that is truly beautiful. When using an electric dryer of any kind on a dog, always keep the setting on medium or lower. Anything warmer can dry the coat and in extreme cases actually burn the dog’s skin.

More frequent washing is perfectly fine as long as you use a top-quality dog shampoo. Professional grooming every eight weeks or so can go a long way toward maintaining your Samoyed in tip-top condition. Let’s not forget that we are caring for a snow-white dog breed, and a good bath will do wonders for whiteness!

Excerpt from Samoyed, part of the Comprehensive Owner’s Guide series, with permission from its publisher, Kennel Club Books, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Samoyed here.

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