Basketball-Playing Bunny Snags World Record For Slam Dunks

Bini the bunny bounced his way into the record books, but playing basketball isn't his only talent.

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Bini bunny
Bini holds the world record for number of slam dunks by a rabbit. Via binithebunny/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

When you think of basketball players you don’t necessarily think of rabbits (unless you’re thinking of “Space Jam”), but Bini the bunny is a slam dunk champ.

No, really. He holds the Guinness World Record for most slam dunks by a rabbit, with seven slam dunks in one minute.

Bini set the slam dunk the record — the first ever — last year, but was given his official award in 2017. He’s featured in the book “Guinness World Records 2018: Amazing Animals,” which hit store shelves in September.

The 5-year-old Holland Lop lives in Los Angeles, California, with his owner, Shai Asor, where he practices every night before bed.

Asor first noticed Bini had an interest in the sport when he caught him playing with a small plastic ball and a cardboard box.

“He rolled the ball from one side to the other, as if he was dribbling, and dropped it into a cardboard box, then proceeded to take it out of the box,” Asor told “I thought to myself, this is odd.”

Bini with basketball

Bini is a slam dunk champ. Via binithebunny/Instagram

It quickly dawned on Asor that this was a fun game for Bini, so he began to encourage his rabbit by giving him taller boxes to drop the ball into. Eventually Bini graduate to a basketball hoop.

“It was as if he really understood what he was doing,” Asor said. “Once I realized his game, I became his coach. Giving him positive reinforcement, and buying him a nice hoop and ball.”

Asor soon realized just how much Bini enjoys the game.

“The day that I realized how much he truly enjoyed his hobby was when I caught him jumping up on the table, and while I was sure he was headed for the open bag of rabbit food I left there, he went straight for the ball instead,” Asor recalled. “A few seconds after, I saw him approach the basket and go for a 3-pointer! I did a double-take. I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

As it turns out, Bini has many other hobbies that seem unbelievable. He’s also an accomplished painter with hundreds of masterpieces under his belt. Those are sold on his website.

“Bini loves to paint!” Asor said, adding that Bini uses non-toxic acrylic and only paints while supervised. “He has made over 300 paintings, which he does when he’s in the mood. He’s got a great eye for art!

Bini has an eye for style, as well, and likes to practice his hairstyling skills on Asor. An perhaps the most unbelievable of all is that he’s an amateur magician, able to make clones of himself appear out of his magic hat.

OK, so that’s not really true. It’s just the premise of one of the many videos Asor makes with Bini for Bini’s YouTube page.

But you get the picture. Bini is one talented rabbit!

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