Basic Hedgehog Diet And Treats

Find out the parts of the basic hedgehog diet.

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Hedgehogs only need four tablespoons of food per day. Via Kichigin/iStock/Thinkstock
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The staple of your hedgehog’s diet should be a quality commercial hedgehog food. It should contain at least 30 percent protein and no more than 15 percent fat. If you are unable to purchase hedgehog food, feed your pet a diet of quality dry cat food that is labeled as low fat. Avoid foods that show processed corn high on the list of ingredients.

Feed your small pet only 4 tablespoons of hedgehog food or dry cat food per day. Any more than this may cause your hedgehog to become obese. If it starts becoming overweight on 4 tablespoons, cut the amount down to 3 tablespoons per day.


Vitamin supplements designed for hedgehogs can be purchased at some pet supply stores and over the Internet, but if your hedgehog is eating a balanced diet, it shouldn’t need supplementation with vitamins. If you want to give your hedgehog vitamins, talk to you veterinarian first.


Hedgehogs need fresh foods in their diet, and these should come in the form of treats. Treats should consist of cooked, unseasoned chicken, tuna, liver and salmon; brewer’s yeast; cooked lentils, cabbage and cauliflower; and cooked or raw peas and corn. Fresh green vegetables are also necessary for your hedgehog to stay healthy. Offer greens such as romaine lettuce, arugula, watercress, dandelions or collards. You can try offering your hedgehog occasional fruit as well, including berries, pears or apples.

Do not give your hedgehog these fresh foods every day. Instead, offer a few pieces each time you give your small pet treats, which should be about four times a week. Overfeeding of treats is a leading cause of obesity in hedgehogs.

Live insects make good treats for hedgehogs, too. You can buy crickets or mealworms to give to your small pet. Give only one insect per week. If you buy crickets for your hedgehog, keep them in a ventilated container with a piece of moist fruit so the crickets can feed and get water before you give them to your hedgehog.

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