Basic Commands to Teach Your Bulldog Puppy

Five simple words to help train your puppy.

Bulldog PuppySit
This is the first and simplest exercise to teach. Place your dog on your left side as you are standing and say “Sit” firmly. As you say this, run your hand down your dog’s back and gently guide him into a sitting position. Praise your dog, hold him in this position for a few moments, release your hand, praise him again and give him a treat. Repeat this several times a day, perhaps as many as 10 times. It also helps to raise the treat above the dog’s head; as he looks up at the treat, your dog’s backside will naturally go to the floor. Before long, your pup will understand what you want; pup’s learn the sit command quickly.

Teach your dog to stay in a seated position until you call him. Have your dog sit on your left side and, as you say “Stay,” place your hand in front of his nose and walk around from his side to stand in front of him, facing your dog. Take a step or two away, no more at the beginning, using your hand signal and repeating the verbal command “Stay.” After 10 seconds or so, call your dog to you. If he gets up before the end of the command, have him sit again and repeat the stay command. When he stays until called, (remembering to start with a very short period of time), praise him and give your dog a treat. As he learns this command, increase the space that you move away from your dog as well as the length of time that he stays.

The formal heel command comes a bit later in the learning curve. A young Bulldog should be taught simply to walk politely on a leash, at or near your side. That is best accomplished when your puppy is very young and small, instead of a strong adult pulling you down the street.

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