Barney Dances with the Stars

The White House pooch puts on a holiday extravaganza.

Barney, the First Pooch, has collected a powerful cast of Washington D.C. and Hollywood insiders for his latest production, “Barney Cam V: Barney’s Holiday Extravaganza.”

Featured on the White House website, the latest episode of Barney Cam depicts the strong-willed presidential pooch in a fanciful plot in which he attempts to put together a holiday bash with the help of Miss Beazley, the Bushes’ other Scottish Terrier.

Barney is seen scampering through the White House, “interviewing” various administration heavyweights for his no-budget production, including press secretary Tony Snow, advisor Karl Rove, and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

Celebrity cameos include Dolly Parton and “Dancing with the Stars” champ Emmitt Smith, who’s seen consoling a distraught Margaret Spellings, the Education Secretary, after Barney rejects her in a dance audition.

Visit to see “Barney Cam V: Barney’s Holiday Extravaganza.”

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