Banding, Friendship and New Babies

I received a recent question about banding. The person asked if a bird had to be banded in order to show. The answer to this is, no. Any bird, whether banded or not, can be shown. However, only closed-banded birds can earn points. A closed-banded bird is one that’s slipped on at around 10 to 15 days of age, when the foot is still small and fits right on. The foot will then grow and the band cannot be taken off. If you show a bird that is not closed-banded, your bird will not have the chance to make Champion or Grand Champion, and that bird’s winnings will not contribute toward the possibility of you getting one of the Top 3 Exhibitor spots for the year.

It’s a good practice to band birds, as some states require them, and to help you keep track of your birds and to make your birds traceable through The African Lovebird Society or other organization. If you show a bird that is banded with another organization’s band, such as your local bird club, that band just needs to be registered with the ALBS Points Registrar, and then the bird will earn points. The points always stay with the bird, never the exhibitor. Even if you sell the bird, the points will still stay with it. A bird needs at least 50 points and a 1st place win to make Champion. If the bird you sold made 30 points under you and also had a 1st place win, then the next person who owns the bird will only need 20 more points to make that bird a Champion.

Exhibiting is a lot of fun, but one of the main reasons that I exhibit and go to shows is for the friendships I’ve formed. After you start exhibiting, you will meet a lot of great people. These people will share a common interest with you. You will make life-long friends. The friends you make definitely make exhibiting that much more fun. After the shows you might go to dinner or go and grab a drink.  With bird people, you’ll always have a lot of interesting things to talk about.

I’ve included two pictures of new babies. One is another beautiful 5-week-old violet masked baby. The other is a dilute blue masked baby. Both are just adorable! 

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