Band Hearts Cats!

Cats inspire covers, songs and video concepts for Best Coast?s Bethany Cosentino.

Check out Best Coast, led by a real rock-and-roll poet, who’s feline-friendly and becoming a big star. And unlike Josie, she’s not a cartoon. Just animated. In the best sense of the word.

This punkish group’s fearless leader is cat-lovin’ rock auteur Bethany Cosentino. Her kitty? Snacks. More about her in a minute.

“We just got back from a European tour,” said the charming Ms. Cosentino, whose big influences are The Beach Boys and The Ramones. “The audiences were great, especially in Spain. It’s amazing to play for 2,000 people who don’t speak your language, but somehow know every word.”

Did Cosentino miss anything back in her hometown of L.A.?

“Yes, the mundane stuff. Things you take for granted. Just watching The Food Network is a luxury. Or being able to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant. And, of course, hanging out with Snacks. Even though she’s always a bit angry at me when I first get home. You know, ‘How dare you go away!’”

A cat lover since she was a toddler, this imminent rock star says she’s lucky when it comes to her 2-1/2-year-old Maine Coon cat cutie. She doesn’t have to board her. Cosentino’s bud, Raul, cat-sits. So Ms. Snacks can stay where she knows the lay of the land. Also, this cat’s ways are so winning, even her sitter has been charmed.

“Raul didn’t like cats until he got to know mine,” Cosentino said with relish.

The rocker said her “cat habit” goes way back to when she was a child. And there were mystical signs that it was all meant to be.

“We always had cats when I was a little. But the most memorable one was Chloe. Once, on my birthday, she just wandered into our house in L.A. Through our dog’s trap door! It was fate. I insisted we keep her. And although she’s now 17, she’s still alive and lives with my mom.”

On the verge of global fame (Bruce Springsteen is a fan), Cosentino said she’s writing and demo-ing up a storm-in between tours. And hopes to have an album out later this year. To follow the success of her debut, the New Wave-y, “Crazy For You.”

Snacks the cat gets into the act here, too, especially when the songwriter is in the midst of a creative frenzy.

“You know, I have a small cottage and room where I write songs and record them into my laptop. I close the door for privacy. But somehow, Snacks gets her paws through the sliding doors and sort of waves at me when I’m playing. She makes it hard not to crack up.”

Before she goes back to her leisure activities, Cosentino makes a prediction about a sonic cat cameo.

“One of these days, I’ll just have to find a way to get Snacks to ‘sing’ on a track, to satisfy her ego. If I don’t? The next time I come back from a tour, boy, she really won’t be nice to me!”

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