Balloon Artist Makes Balloons More Amazing Than You Thought Possible

A young "balloon twister” is rapidly gaining a reputation for balloon art excellence with photos of his amazing balloon creations.

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The fact that he got the feet, eyes and ears to show so well is amazing. And it looks like balloons don't need to be inflated to be part of a creation; that tail is adorable! Via isopresso/Tumblr

Masayoshi Matsumoto could, quite possibly, be the best balloon artist on the planet. That’s just my opinion, but the photos of some of his works of art – and they are works of art – allow you to draw your own conclusion. A beautiful gallery of his work is on his Tumblr page. Balloon creations may be temporary, but fortunately these photos allow them to live on forever.

This amazing Japanese artist is 25 years old, according to his Facebook page, and attended the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He clearly has some smarts going for him, as transforming rubbery party balloons into such amazing things as reptiles, sea life, birds, plants and, my favorite, small animals is done without the use of adhesives or magic pens. The detail he achieves is incredible.

Happily, his website offers instructions for those who wish to attempt making some of these beautiful works of art themselves. Feast your eyes on a few more of his small animal creations below, and be sure to check out his Tumblr and Facebook for the other species he’s done. The iguana, for one, is stunning!

1. Hedgehog

Via isopresso/TumblrCari Jorgensen

Via isopresso/Tumblr

Yup, this looks just like a hedgehog, even though the balloons are merely suggestive of quills!

2. Rabbit

How did he give this rabbit eyelids? How?!

3. Another Rabbit

OK, I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what this rabbit was sitting on until I read the description. Now that I know it’s a giant carrot, it’s so obvious!

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