Ballet Cats Work In Tandem

First position, second position, cat position.

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Brav-o. Via ultrahd/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

When we saw two cats hunting in tandem in someone’s backyard, a chorus of strings and voices seemed to come out of nowhere. There might have been a harp.

That’s because a video of two cats outside jumping in sync and landing one on top of each other, posted on Rumble, looks like ballet. The two cats glide and hit ground so gracefully that you’d think they went to that “Fame” school.

The pair are very stealthy but it looks like they’re in it more for the moves than for the hunt.

Graceful af. Via ultrahd/Rumble

Graceful AF. Via ultrahd/Rumble

They say dance is very codified, that it has its own language. We think this says “Hey, we are ‘hunting.’” Really, though, they’re slipping on their Capezios and miming the whole thing.

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