The Internet Cannot Get Enough Of Ballerina Cat

The Internet has been abuzz over photos of a cat named Mirko, who appears to be quite the dancer.

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Mirko's got MOVES. Via ccchisa76/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

Skilled dancers are always so impressive in their athleticism, and the sometimes inhuman ways they can bend and move their bodies. Ballerinas just might be the most impressive of all, because their moves are just insane.

So it should come as no surprise that the moment several photos of a cat named Mirko doing ballet-like poses were posted to Twitter by user @ccchisa76, the Internet nearly lost its mind.

Cats are known to be flexible, sure, but Mirko is on a whole other level.

Sidenote: He’s probably just jumping, not dancing, and these photos were taken at the exact right moment to make it look like dancing, but whatevs. It’s more fun to assume he’s dancing.

Here are Mirko’s best dance moves that will leave you breathless.

1. Tippy Toes

Mirko doesn’t even need the ballerina shoes to stand tall.

2. Airborne Paws

The things this cat can do in mid-air… just, wow.

3. Twist And Meow

It’s like his bottom half is independent from his top.

4. Endless Grace

The extensions! The twists! The height! We give it a 10.

5. Flippin’ Out

The photo on the left makes it seem like Mirko will bodyslam the floor, but you KNOW he’ll stick the landing.

6.Flying High

Mirko is nothing if not fearless.

7. Dancing in the Sunlight

Just Mirko dancing through sunbeams like an angel. NBD.

8. Round of ApPAWse

Somebody needs to cast him on a dance competition show, immediately!

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