Balance of Power

You’ll find strength and devotion in the impressive Tosa Inu.

Earnest basked in the children’s coos and pats. Daryl D.’s 5-year-old red Tosa Inu stood as tall as some, and outweighed most of the children at the dog show that day. “Then two men quickly approached my wife,” says the 20-year breeder from Illinois. The men were simply passing by and meant no harm, but Earnest, being cautious, quickly positioned himself between the approaching men and his human.

“He pushed Beth back so there would be more space for the men to pass,” Daryl says. “They have a natural instinct to protect their human pack.” After assessing that all was safe, Earnest repositioned himself among the children to continue the love fest. Such is life for the modern Tosa, who possesses a refined combination of awareness, obedience, and courage.

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