Baking for Your Dog — With a Twist

New book features recipes for gourmet dog biscuits with surprising ingredients.

Any gourmand may recognize exotic ingredients like saffron, agave nectar, and squid ink, but who knew that your dog could also have such a sophisticated palate? The new cookbook “K-9 Nation Biscuit Book: Baking for Your Best Friend,” by master bread baker Klecko, offers three dozen recipes to treat your dog’s taste buds.

Dog owners want the best for their dogs, and healthy homemade biscuits are a great way to show your love. Klecko acknowledges this and offers readers eclectic and internationally inspired recipes like Marta’s Mediterranean Biscuit and Black Sea Biscuits, many with their own background stories. You can make plenty of canine-worthy treats to suit your dog’s personality. More adventurous dogs may try the Honey’s No-Honey Miso Biscuit with seaweed, while canines with classic taste may prefer the Sausage-y Beagle Biscuit.

Though the book features plenty of unique ingredients, novice bakers shouldn’t be intimidated. There are plenty of simple recipes. The book also includes baking basics, helpful tips, dog facts, nutrition information, and a helpful glossary of ingredients. All you really need is a hungry dog.

“K-9 Nation Biscuit Book: Baking for Your Best Friend” by Klecko is on sale now.

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