Baker Turns Loaves Of Bread Into Lovable Cats With The ‘Catloaf’

If you've always wanted your toast to have pointed ears and whiskers, your wish has been granted.

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Wake up, Catloaf! Via Lou Lou P's Delights/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

A baker in Yorkshire, England, has perfectly captured the sweetness of a sleepy feline with her creation of the “Catloaf.”

Lou Lou P’s Delights has a history of creating super cool baked treats, and the Catloaf is no exception. Baker and creator of the loaf, Lou Lou P., used a typical bread recipe and molded the dough to resemble the body of a cat, with a sleepy expression as the face — little pointed ears and whiskers included, My Modern Met reports.

So you guys remember ‘Catloaf’ right…Well I have some exciting news, Catloaf has had kittens 😀 Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted by Lou Lou P’s Delights on Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Catloaf isn’t the only delightfully sweet surprise though. Browsing Lou Lou P’s Facebook page turns up a slew of exceptional and intricate designs on bread, cake pops and cupcakes. Check out her Sloth Bread (shortbread cookies shaped like adorable sloths!):

Festive Sloth Chocolate Shortbread and Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

Posted by Lou Lou P’s Delights on Friday, December 12, 2014

We’re extremely torn between admiring the artwork and wanting to devour all of it in a single sitting. Anyone else?

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