Backyard Olympics For Your Dog

Check out the dog versions of your favorite summer Olympic games.

Bedlington TerrierThis summer, athletes from all over the world will compete in battles of strength, speed, agility and endurance to take home the gold for their country. Invite friends or set up a private training session for these very special summer games for your dog.


Is your dog the next Mary Lou Retton or Paul Hamm? Gymnastics is a sport requiring strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and balance. While your dog might not have the paws for the uneven bars, your dog can show off these same skills witha dog agility course!

While competition grade agility equipment is expensive, you can find sturdy, relativity inexpensive equipment online. Daring Dogs makes less-pricey equipment sold by a variety of retailers including Amazon. This equipment will work fine for just playing around and giving your dog exercise. If you are the handy type, you can also make your own using PVC pipes for jumps and weave poles.


Olympians glide through the water with strength and grace, but your dog doesn’t need to be the next Michael Phelps to take home the gold in these games. 

Using a kiddie pool filled with water, you can have dogs fetch floating toys out of the water, “dive” for sinking toys or, if you own smaller dogs, have a doggy paddle race.

Another fun water game is “bobbing for toys.” Using a large basin or bucket, put floating toys like rubber duckies on the surface and let your dog try and grab them. It’s just as fun to watch as it is for the dogs to play!


Channel Michael Johnson and get ready to run!   

In this doggy version, each team has one fetch toy. The first dog runs and fetches the toy, bringing it back to the person, who throws it again for the second dog to fetch, and so on.

Once your Doggy Games is set up, invite your friends over and have a “mini trial” – the winner gets a gold biscuit! 


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