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I find it interesting that amid burgeoning technology is an equally large trend to get back to nature. People are going all Henry David Thoreau in their desire for organic and natural products, and even to grow and make their own. Even in urban settings, the trend toward gardening is growing.

Sandy Robins offers fabulous ideas for growing a cat-friendly garden that both cats and their humans can enjoy. We often hear about the plants that are toxic to cats, but there are even more plants that aren’t. If you’re wondering what to plant, we provide a helpful list. Turn to our special natural section for that and so much more.

All cats are beautiful and this issue helps us keep them looking their best. It begins with proper nutrition and requires some regular maintenance involving nail trimming and brushing. You’ll find helpful tips inside.

During production of this issue, we learned that Pixiebob breed founder Carol Ann Brewer passed away. She was dearly loved by others who are passionate about this breed.

I asked Tony McIntosh, CF’s classified assistant sales supervisor, what his impressions were about his client. “She was so passionate about her cats, especially one named Bagheera. Plus her cats were on Animal Planet’s CATS 101 and I remember how excited she was about that,” he says. All her cats have been placed in good homes.

Former breed profile writer Elisa Jordan also shared some thoughts about her. “It’s always fun to interview the actual founder of a breed because you can hear with a firsthand account why and how everything developed. When I spoke with Carol Ann I was instantly struck by her sincerity and love for her cats. She was able to paint a vivid picture as to what inspired her to found a breed and how she went about doing that — not always an easy thing to articulate.

“Building a breed properly is not for the faint of heart,” she continues. “It requires a level of dedication that the average person is likely incapable of. You not only have to breed for the health and temperament of the cats, you have to further take responsibility for their lives and find loving, permanent homes for the kittens. It’s a testament to Carol Ann that she was not only still devoted to the breed she created, but still profoundly enthusiastic about her cats after more than a couple of decades of breeding. She absolutely loved sharing what she knew about Pixiebobs and her excitement was contagious.”

You’ll enjoy reading about the unique breed she founded.

As technology continues to boom at a staggering speed, hopefully we will never lose sight of the simpler things that inspire us — those aren’t just things, but living things.

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