Baby Struggles To Get 80-Pound Bulldog To Budge

An 11-month-old boy tries taking an 80-pound Bulldog for a walk. Spoiler alert: It doesn't go so well.

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Baby: "C'mon. Let's go!" Dog: "Nah. I'm good right here. "
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes, no amount of cuteness or enthusiasm can motivate you to move.

In a video uploaded to YouTube yesterday by katievun, an 11-month-old boy attempts to take an 80-pound English Bulldog for a walk. You might think their difference in size is the problem here, and it’s certainly a contributing factor, but the real obstacle is that the dog is zero percent interested in going for said walk.

If the dog had been willing to move, they’d probably make a stellar strolling pair.

But no.

At first, the baby is all giggles and coos and is excited for the journey with his four-legged friend.

"Alright, let's do this!" Via YouTube

“Alright, this will be fun. Let’s get moving!” Via katievun/YouTube

Then it becomes clear that in order for the walk to be a success, both creatures need to expend some energy and put one foot in front of the other. So the baby comes back to the dog and tries getting him excited.

"See, I'm going to pull this leash and ythen you're going to walk forward." Via YouTube

“See, I’m going to pull this leash and then you’re going to walk forward.” Via katievun/YouTube

Finally, the baby starts losing patience because the Bulldog is still not moving. The boy yanks the leash and bounces up and down before falling on his bum.


“WHY ARE YOU NOT MOVING.” Via katievun/YouTube

Maybe next time, kiddo.

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